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ufffff. doing one of the hardest quests on the hardest difficulty all by my lonesome and the final boss hits me for 1000 con damage when i only have 56 con leaving me helpless to only watch myself die a few seconds later cause i couldn’t move.

fail. close enough. 
Still an achievement.


Soooo this happened while I was in the middle of watching Scandal & How To Get Away With Murder. Apparently Shane made a video about me and now my mentions are filled with children calling me names and even comparing me to Hitler because I didn’t drop everything to watch it. I’m not joking. Forgive me if I find this whole thing extremely convenient and disingenuous. My online presence is measly compared to Shane’s. I know this. Which is why I don’t @ him on Twitter and have never mentioned him by name on my channel. He knows that he has a massive audience, which is why I think this is an extremely calculated move to mention me by name in a video, thus sending his fans to do his bidding. This whole thing is just laughable and clearly a ploy to scrub any negative press in light of his movie being released. I’m not falling for this mess. Not at all. 

boom. his second video of the same thing is gone also, in like 3 hours.

No remorse shown this time for the first either.

This time he tried to play it off as being part of a trilogy, so it’s like HE knows it’s wrong.

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